BBB London Eyebrow Pen Review & Swatches

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BBB London Eyebrow Pen Review & Swatches

Blink Brow Bar have a brand new launch and I have to say, it’s a good one! Here’s the low down on the new BBB London Eyebrow Pen. I have photos and swatches of both the shades.

What is BBB London Eyebrow Pen?

BBB London Eyebrow Pen
BBB London Eyebrow Pen
  • New brown pen with three ultra-fine tips
  • Delivers buildable pigment for precision application
  • Each stroke mimics individual brow hairs for a natural look
  • Long-lasting and durable finish
  • Delivers 20-hour smudge-resistant long wear
  • formula means that come rain or shine, your brows won’t let you down.
  • Available in two shades
BBB London Eyebrow Pen - 3 Ultra-Fine Tips
BBB London Eyebrow Pen – 3 Ultra-Fine Tips

How to use it

STEP ONE – shake the pen to activate the flow

STEP TWO – apply with light, feathery strokes with the direction of hair growth to achieve a natural, microbladed effect.

Apply more pressure for a bolder finish.

How to store: Keep Eyebrow Pen stored nib down, to ensure the flow of ink. 

BBB London Eyebrow Pen Shades & Swatches

There are two shades in the Eye Brow Pen:

Here are the swatches:

BBB London Eyebrow Pen Swatch - Chai
BBB London Eyebrow Pen Swatch – Chai
BBB London Eyebrow Pen Swatch - Clove
BBB London Eyebrow Pen Swatch – Clove

My Review

BBB London Eyebrow Pen in Clove
BBB London Eyebrow Pen in Clove

As I am not really that brave when it comes to brows, I had a very gentle go with the Clove shade. Even though this is the darker option, it actually applies much more lightly onto the brow area than it does when you swatch it, so it is pretty hard to go wrong.

It is important to make sure that you store the pens with the nib facing down to keep the ink flowing, or else it can dry up really quickly. This means you will have to store it at home rather than carrying it around in your handbag, but as it it so long lasting, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I tested some swatches overnight on my hand, and the fine strokes held true all night. The formula definitely delivers on its smudge-resistant long wear claim. In fact, I needed to use a proper cleanser to remove the swatches from my skin, even after hours of wearing it. Impressive!

I think this is great for a lovely subtly defined brow that looks really natural and doesn’t look at all done.

Where to buy it

The BBB London Eyebrow Pen is £24. It is available below:

Incidentally, I just finished my first VB Beauty Brow Pencil which I really liked. If you want to find out more about that, read: Victoria Beckham Beauty BabyBlade Microfine Brow Pencil Review & Swatches.

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