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Christmas Chocolate Truffles Recipe | Nourished Life AU

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Short for time this festive season? These deliciously rich truffles are quick to make and guaranteed to hit the spot. Stay nourished this Christmas with feel-good options that are good for you – and taste great too.

From tangy raspberry to salty pistachio or chocolate, have your choice with a selection of delicious toppings to complete this recipe.

With only 5 simple ingredients, they make a thoughtful gift idea that’s easy on the wallet – or as an after-dinner treat when you’re feeling peckish.

For when cravings call: Cacao Powder:

Containing a rich combination of antioxidants, raw cacao powder is a nourishing choice for your mind, bod and soul. From your soothing cup of cacao to your everyday snack – like these truffle bites, satisfy sweet cravings with this nutritious choice.

Here’s why I love cacao:

– Rich in B vitamins for thriving energy
– Contains minerals like calcium and iron
– No added sugar
– Great source of antioxidants


– 20 medjool dates
– 4 TB cacao powder
– 1 cup ground almonds
– 3 TB coconut cream
– 4 TB coconut milk powder


1. Remove pips from dates and soak in boiling water for 10 minutes until softened. Drain and blend into a smooth paste.
2. Transfer date paste to a medium bowl and sieve in cacao, almond meal and coconut milk powder. Add coconut cream and combine well.
3. Roll mixture into balls and refrigerate for 10 minutes to set.
4. Decorate by rolling truffles in chopped pistachios, freeze dried raspberry powder and cacao powder.
5. Store and enjoy straight from the freezer (this keeps them nice and chewy).
6. Time: 20 minutes
7. Makes: 20 large truffles

About Lena Fischer, Qualified Nutritionist:

Lena is a qualified Holistic Nutritionist with a Diploma in Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. Lena is passionate about combining her knowledge of nutrition and love of food to create delicious healthy recipes using whole food ingredients.

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