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Frustration Continues for Dentists Regarding the Federal Dental Plan

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P.E.I. dentists are speaking out about the new Canadian Dental Care Plan and the problems it is causing for dentists. CBC recently shared that nearly 90% of P.E.I. dentists do not plan to sign up for the program.

The main problem the Dental Association of P.E.I. spoke out about is that the federal government has given people the impression that dental care will be free for patients but that is not the case. It depends on different factors, such as income level, and sometimes a co-pay is required.

Additionally, the fee guide numbers continue to be a concern as they bare little resemblance to the provincial fee guides.

There is an increase in work and stress as the dental offices need to answer patient questions about the program while dealing with the pre-existing issue of staff shortages.

Read more on the story from CBC.

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